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Heavy machinery equipment industry

The heavy machinery equipment industry is one of Germanys key industries.

In 2017 over 6,500 companies generated an estimated revenue of 226 billion Euros. (Source: BMWi).

Automation and robotics in particular have become more relevant in recent years and have helped German exporters increase in global importance. Products labelled "Made in Germany" enjoy a very good reputation, due to their precision and durability.

With an export quota of almost 80% (source: BMWi), current protectionist tendencies are a dangerous development for mechanical and plant engineering, as it cannot rely on a strong domestic economy like other industries. Also, a plunge in capital expenditure due to the crises in the financial sector has heavily impacted this sector negatively.

A lot of companies increased their revenue by intensifying service and maintenance offers to compensate for decreasing new plant business. Schwanke Bros. successfully placed different positions in both service and maintenance, also with an international approach. (Link: Fallstudie).

Regarding international positions, we helped a lot of clients to build structures in foreign countries. From Managing Director positions in USA, France, Czech Republic, Italy to local sales leads (UAE, Turkey and Poland) as well as sales agents (Benelux, USA, Sweden and Denmark).

We know and understand local cultures and carry out extensive market research beforehand.

For most of our clients, global expansion is key for their success. They often start with just one sales agent and progressively build a successive structure. We support by planning and developing, providing consultancy during the whole process and proffering solutions during implementation.

We are also experienced in placing common position such as HSE Officers, Plant Directors and Head of HR.

Schwanke Bros. has its roots in the machinery and equipment industry with most of our clients still in this segment. Over the years we have built trust with our clients by ensuring that key positions filled with the best candidates in the market, who understand the company’s culture and know their profession.