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Organizational Development

Understanding an organization, grasping its complexity and absorbing the culture of the company is a basic requirement of any executive search consultant. Only on the basis of this knowledge can we find candidates, assess their suitability and provide advice to clients.

We also use this essential required knowledge when conducting our organizational development consultations with your company.

The basic procedure requires an analysis of your existing structures, to promptly uncover solutions for improvement. In doing so, we always take the holistic approach; in addition to the imminent attainable gains, we also examine how employees react to changes and how they can be fully carried along. In conjunction with a psychologist, we develop a concept that not only improves business, but also improves the changes within the business.

Due to digitalization, it is increasingly important to create interface positions in the company, work on future issues and act as a staff unit to accompany all company processes, and to advise the board of directors or management. We guide you on developing profiles for those critical positions and designing the organizational integration.

But the complexity of structures also often preoccupies us, leaving out levels in order to reduce redundancies is part of our job. A precise and deep analysis always precedes it. Leaner structures create better communication in teams and can lead to a more pleasant working atmosphere. Agile work conditions are only possible in organizations where everyone assumes responsibility independently, it is a fact that reporting structures that are too large are always a hindrance.

In the last few years, there has been a strong increase in the level of centralization for companies in the field of shared services. Shared Service Centers (SSC) for HR, Finance and Sales support, for example, have become increasingly popular and are often also set up in Germany. We have assisted in placing talent in several of such projects and we have also assisted in setting up entire departments. We possess a high level of knowledge about the structures of SSC and we can support you in planning and setting one up globally.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, decentralization has become more important. This applies to the supply chain through multi-sourcing but also to the structure of the organization that ensures the independence of several locations that also offers backup solutions for all of the locations. Professional external support is needed to set up such complex matrix organizations. We are here to support you with our experience and knowledge derived from a vast amount of different projects in the field of organizational development and executive searches.