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Case Study General Manager (f/m/d) Italy

Initial situation / Preliminary considerations

The company, a German privately owned civil engineering firm with international operations, is looking to hire a new General Manager (f/m) for their Italian subsidiary. The successful candidate will oversee 100 employees and will be expected to expand their product base as well as increase revenues and operations within Italy.

They will also be expected to better integrate the working relationship between the application engineering and sales departments.

The perfect candidate will have a business or engineering university degree and experience in sales or project management. They should also have a proven track record in a leadership position and with revenue responsibilities.

  • Industry: construction

  • 449 defined target companies
  • 345 identified candidates
  • 332 candidates applied for an advertisement
  • 4 presented candidates

Procedure / Project realisation

Because our client‘s Italian operation is also a production facility, the candidate search was complicated by the need to find someone with both a production and sales background, which narrowed the search parameters significantly.

This meant that we needed to begin with a larger than normal company target list, as the number of likely candidates per company would be smaller than usual. Finally, the target list contained of 449 companies, made up of direct competitors and several other companies within the construction and civil engineering sector.

From this list, 345 potential candidates were identified.

To increase our chances success in finding the right person, we set up an online job advertisement on Italian social media in parallel with our direct search operation. 332 candidates apply to this advertisement.

From the direct search and the advertisement, we identify 21 candidates who are potentially interesting for this position. After the interviews, four candidates are selected to be presented to our client.

In the end, our client choses a candidate with a mechanical engineering degree. Previously, they worked as a sales and marketing director EMEA for a company that produces plastic pipelines. They also have a long managerial history within the construction industry.