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The use of standardized and scientifically approved methods is more and more prevalent in recruiting and HR development.

These procedures objectify impressions from a personal conversation and ensure that decisions about recruitment and personnel development are based on scientific methods and are not only made after a first personal, subjective impression.

Schwanke Bros. has developed a procedure with a qualified psychologist, which combines proven tests of cognitive capability and personal evaluation with a high validity and an extensive interview combined with a case study.

At the beginning of each search, we evaluate the relevance of six different competencies together with our clients and check them using the aforementioned methods. This procedure increases the comparability of the candidates and objectifies the search results for consultants and clients. The implementation is carried out by an industry-experienced personnel developer and diagnostician.

Why Choose Us

We work with test procedures for personality determination that have been developed and proven for decades.

We only work with qualified psychologists in order to ensure a high level of quality in the interviews.

All tests are carried out under supervision in order to rule out any manipulation.

We not only derive the accuracy of a fit for a position from the test results, but also provide information about potential development opportunities.