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IT and electrical engineering industry

It is the age of digitalization and networking of the world. Besides a lot of Start-Ups in this sector, there are more and more companies of the old economy that have adopted digitalisation.

The digitalisation of business processes to simplify and accelerate growth and to have more and more detailed information is something that small and midsize firms are late adopters to, which is the reason for a change process in all divisions of companies.

From the digital personnel records to the digitalization of bills and receipts in accounting or the link of machines in the production, known as industry 4.0. Complex ERP Systems connect departments to each other which operated in silos before and has accelerated the transfer of knowledge. Fast internet ensures that the connection between different locations in the world succeeds and that far away production facilities work as extended workbenches. Electrical engineering combined with intelligent software dominates sectors where a few years ago mechanical engineering was the key driver of technology.

The combustion engine as well as other old technologies achieved in many places limited development. Intelligent control and electric motors are gaining increasing importance for the efficiency of a lot of industrial processes. This control relies to intelligent sensors which deliver the basic data.

Schwanke Bros. has extended experience in the IT and electrical engineering sector.

We accompany a big German OEM on its way to electromobility, supported the establishment of a shared service center by hiring the right executives to find its way to digitalisation and placed Head of IT in different companies.

The search for software developers is always long lasting but rewarding. In the end we always found the right candidates.

Our client companies always find inspiration from these projects as we conduct a lot of interviews, which influenced our move forwards. We digitalised our accounting, we optimized all digital workflows and have a 90% paperless office. This is profitable for our clients as well because we can work faster and better.