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Health industry

The health industry is challenged by the fact that it has to become more and more efficient by maintaining high-quality level and also improving quality. Because it is often about life and death, mistakes have a higher effect than in most of the other industries.

Digitalization in health started long ago and is changing processes that were time and work consuming in the past. Centralization trends are visible too and the creation of shared service centers is not unusual. Digital electronic health record did not have a breakthrough in Germany but there are promising approaches. In the imaging method sector, artificial intelligence is a big subject and could be helpful to finding diseases and providing therapies faster than a human being.

High cost pressure in the medical sector and strong regulation in medical technology as well as pharmacy makes an above average performance necessary. Demographic change has a big impact in the health industry, there is already a shortage of doctors and nurses and they are recruited globally. The demand will rise in the next years.

Schwanke Bros. has a high reputation in this sector and is experienced.

For an international health management company, we placed positions in Asia and in the Middle East.

We searched for doctors for a rehabilitation clinic, placed different commercial positions within the health sector.