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Construction industry

The construction industry showed a big upswing the last years. Urban development and the desire for higher living standard as well as economic growth led to high demand in this sector.

The boom will not end as long as interest rates remain low which is responsible for the wish of many people to buy property and the states are investing a lot of money into infrastructure.

Since 2009 investment in this sector increased every year and followed a sidewards movement and a construction recession, which ended 2005 in Germany.

Among our customers is a world market leader in drainage engineering. For this company we placed a lot of strategic positions through the years. There were also a lot of global positions, which were crucial for the international success of the company.

We have an overview of building construction as well as civil engineering. Our database shows almost the full German construction industry as well as the building supply industry, due to constant analysis of different database, exhibition-lists and association members. This knowledge is the basis for every new project and ensures a high-quality direct search within the construction sector. Overall our database PCMS lists more than 3.000 companies in the construction industry. For every new project we scan and evaluate these companies regarding suitable candidates.

Furthermore, we placed a Head of Construction for a big German retail company and we are working for an engineering office in Lower Saxony and Waterworks.

Our consultant Steven B. Fashipe worked for an international construction company and placed a lot of candidates in Africa. The growth on this continent is an interesting opportunity for the German construction industry.