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Case Study Health and Safety Officer (f/m/d)

Initial situation / Preliminary considerations

Our client, a large stock market listed company within the heavy industry sector is looking for a HSEQ manager. Throughout the manufacturing industry, the issue of safety is extremely important.

Keeping the accident rate as low as possible and creating an overall pleasant working environment in which issues such as ergonomics risk assessment come into focus, leads to greater motivation within the workplace and increased productivity. Integrated management concepts, in which fields such as health, safety, environmental protection and quality management (HSEQ) are combined, are now standard within larger companies. The core tasks include the direct management of the largest and most important subsidiary within the organisation and the oversight of a number of other, smaller, subsidiaries. In the long term, the goal of the targeted position will be to focus on a stronger connection between the various departments amongst the subsidiary companies and to unify the overall strategy. The ideal candidate should have a degree in engineering along with the additional qualifications from within the field of occupational health and safety.

The candidate should also have at least 7-10 years of professional experience. Furthermore, knowledge of integrative occupational safety concepts is important, as well as having a strong personality with the ability to work under pressure, complete the profile picture. The candidate must be able to identify and rectify any barriers to effective communication with employees at the production level as well as within management.

  • Industry: heavy industry

  • 450 defined target companies
  • 10 presented candidates

Procedure / Project realisation

In order to be able to satisfy the high demands of our client, we create a target list with containing more than 150 companies. The companies of comparable size with a similar production set up and processes. The initial result of our research shows 2-3 potential candidates within each company. After the initial interviews and the presentation of first candidates to our client, it turns out that there are only a few aspirants that have both a relevant degree with expert skills at strategic safety concepts and a charismatic personality. As a result, the target list is expanded to 450 companies. Before the successful completion of the project, 10 candidates have been presented to our client. In the end, a candidate from a large German automotive group. The candidate was the perfect match for our client and both parties were very pleased.