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Trade and services industry

Modern trade flows connect the world, ensuring and creating prosperity.

Since 2000, world trade almost doubled and with the exception of 2008 and 2009, increased every year. .

Germany as the third largest goods exporter in the world has a broad interest in all subjects regarding supply chain.

90% of international trade happens on sea, that is why sea ports play an important role and Schwanke Bros has profound knowledge about the structure of Germany’s port industry. We successfully placed a Managing Director in this sector as well as positions in Technical and Finance.

Raw materials are the base for global growth. Trade in raw materials take place on international commodity future markets. To be a successful trader, you need to a thorough understanding about what happens in this sector, especially regarding political changes in countries with raw material deposits. We successfully placed a trader in the metal alloy sector and we have deep knowledge about the talent challenges of this market.

Logistics as science is the basis for modern process optimization. In the trade sector as well as in production it is a significant question whether the material as well as the manpower is on time and at the right location. In some ways logistics is the mother of KPI based CIP and Kaizen approaches.

Schwanke Bros. has delivered since foundation a lot of projects in production and logistics, e.g. Managing Director, Plant Director and Production Manager as well as leading positions in operations and logistics, or CIP officers.

We have integrated a lot of ideas based on interviews with candidates in our processes.